Andrey Semenov is a visual artist working with documentary and art photography, and video. Hailing from Kostroma (b. 1976), now the artist is based in Herzeg-Novi (Montenegro). He studied mathematics at Kazan State University (Russia) and photography at the School of Elena Sukhoveeva and Viktor Khmel (Krasnodar, Russia). 
Andrey Semenov works with long-term projects focused on a person’s relationship with his environment and space, in the broad sense of the word — the state, nature, people and himself. 
​His works have been exhibited and published in Italy, UK, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, Russia and other countries of the world.



  • 1993-97 — Kazan State University, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics,
  • 2015 — studied photography in school Elena Suhoveeva and Victor Hmel (Krasnodar, Russia).


Exhibitions and Awards

  • 2020, BìFoto Fest, (Mògoro, Italy). "Territory" was exhibited in festival program. Curators — Sandro Iovine, Stefano Pia, Vittorio Cannas.

  • 2019, PhotoLux Festival (Lucca, Italy). "Territory" was exhibited in festival program.

  • 2019, PhotoVisa InBetween (Krasnodar, Russia). "Get Ready. Will Be Long" in multimedia festival program.

  • 2019, PackShot festival (Moscow, Russia). "Invasion" was exhibited in festival program in Gallery of Classic Photography. Curators: Evgeny Berezner and Natalia Tarasova.

  • 2018, PhotoVisa Festival, (Krasnodar, Russia). “Get Ready. 20 Seconds Exposure” in festival short-list.

  • 2018, Kolga Tbilisi Photo festival (Tbilisi, Georgia). "Invasion" in festival short-list.

  • 2017, Eastreet4, group exhibition. Centre for the Meeting of Cultures (Lublin, Poland).

  • 2017, 2nd place in Nature category of PhotogrVphy GrVnt contest (London, UK). The "Invasion" project was awarded.

  • 2017, "Synthesis" gallery (Sofia, Bulgaria). “I, Joining the Ranks of...” project, personal exhibition. Curator — Nikola Lautliev.

  • 2017, "Photoparade in Uglich" Photofestival (Uglich, Russia). "Invasion", personal exibition. Curator — Alla Mirovskaya.

  • 2017, "Analogue Photography" (Belgrade, Serbia). Participation in the group exhibition in the "Bartcelona" gallery. Curator — David Pujadó.

  • 2017, Revolution Photofestival, Italy. "Invasion" was exhibited in festival program. Curator — Maria Lanotte
    — Barletta, (July 2017)
    — Minturno, in the Castello Baronale (June 2017)
    — Lanciano, in the Polo Museale Santo Spirito (May 2017) 

  • 2017, Orvieto Fotografia Festival, Italy. The "Invasion" project was exhibited in festival program

  • 2017, Krasnodar Regional Showroom of Fine Arts, (Krasnodar, Russia). Group exhibition "Human / Nature : Lost in Translation". Curator — Irina Tchmyreva

  • 2016, PhotoVisa Festival (Krasnodar, Russia), international portfolio review winner

  • 2016, PhotoVisa Festival (Krasnodar, Russia). "Invasion" in the multimedia program. Curator — Irina Tchmyreva

  • 2015, PhotoVisa Festival, Krasnodar, Russia. "Identification" — group exhibition. Project "Born to be Free", curator — Elena Sukhoveeva.

  • 2015, Second place in the international portfolio review at the PhotoVisa Festival, Krasnodar, Russia


  • "Takie Dela" published the project "I Joining the Ranks of...".

  • "The Calvert Journal" published the project "I Joining the Ranks of..." with text by Liza Premiyak

  • Interview at PhotogrVphy Magazine

  • Interview about "Born to be Free" project to news agency Regnum (in Russian)

  • "Invasion" at Landscape Stories

  • "...and potentially dangerous (1984)" at FP Magazine with text by Sandro Iovine. eng | ita

  • "Invasion" at Dodho Magazine