Andrey Semenov is a visual artist working with documentary and art photography, and video. Hailing from Kostroma (b. 1976), now the artist is based in Novi Sad (Serbia). He studied mathematics at Kazan State University and photography at the School of Elena Sukhoveeva and Viktor Khmel. 
Andrey Semenov works with long-term projects focused on a person’s relationship with his environment and space, in the broad sense of the word — the state, nature, people and himself. 
​His works have been exhibited and published in Italy, UK, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, Russia and other countries of the world.



  • 1993-97 — Kazan State University, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics,
  • 2015 — studied photography in school Elena Suhoveeva and Victor Hmel (Krasnodar, Russia).


Exhibitions and Awards

  • 2020, BìFoto Fest, (Mògoro, Italy). "Territory" was exhibited in festival program. Curators — Sandro Iovine, Stefano Pia, Vittorio Cannas.

  • 2019, PhotoLux Festival (Lucca, Italy). "Territory" was exhibited in festival program.

  • 2019, PhotoVisa InBetween (Krasnodar, Russia). "Get Ready. Will Be Long" in multimedia festival program.

  • 2019, PackShot festival (Moscow, Russia). "Invasion" was exhibited in festival program in Gallery of Classic Photography. Curators: Evgeny Berezner and Natalia Tarasova.

  • 2018, PhotoVisa Festival, (Krasnodar, Russia). “Get Ready. 20 Seconds Exposure” in festival short-list.

  • 2018, Kolga Tbilisi Photo festival (Tbilisi, Georgia). "Invasion" in festival short-list.

  • 2017, Eastreet4, group exhibition. Centre for the Meeting of Cultures (Lublin, Poland).

  • 2017, 2nd place in Nature category of PhotogrVphy GrVnt contest (London, UK). The "Invasion" project was awarded.

  • 2017, "Synthesis" gallery (Sofia, Bulgaria). “I, Joining the Ranks of...” project, personal exhibition. Curator — Nikola Lautliev.

  • 2017, "Photoparade in Uglich" Photofestival (Uglich, Russia). "Invasion", personal exibition. Curator — Alla Mirovskaya.

  • 2017, "Analogue Photography" (Belgrade, Serbia). Participation in the group exhibition in the "Bartcelona" gallery. Curator — David Pujadó.

  • 2017, Revolution Photofestival, Italy. "Invasion" was exhibited in festival program. Curator — Maria Lanotte
    — Barletta, (July 2017)
    — Minturno, in the Castello Baronale (June 2017)
    — Lanciano, in the Polo Museale Santo Spirito (May 2017) 

  • 2017, Orvieto Fotografia Festival, Italy. The "Invasion" project was exhibited in festival program

  • 2017, Krasnodar Regional Showroom of Fine Arts, (Krasnodar, Russia). Group exhibition "Human / Nature : Lost in Translation". Curator — Irina Tchmyreva

  • 2016, PhotoVisa Festival (Krasnodar, Russia), international portfolio review winner

  • 2016, PhotoVisa Festival (Krasnodar, Russia). "Invasion" in the multimedia program. Curator — Irina Tchmyreva

  • 2015, PhotoVisa Festival, Krasnodar, Russia. "Identification" — group exhibition. Project "Born to be Free", curator — Elena Sukhoveeva.

  • 2015, Second place in the international portfolio review at the PhotoVisa Festival, Krasnodar, Russia


  • "Takie Dela" published the project "I Joining the Ranks of...".

  • "The Calvert Journal" published the project "I Joining the Ranks of..." with text by Liza Premiyak

  • Interview at PhotogrVphy Magazine

  • Interview about "Born to be Free" project to news agency Regnum (in Russian)

  • "Invasion" at Landscape Stories

  • "...and potentially dangerous (1984)" at FP Magazine with text by Sandro Iovine. eng | ita

  • "Invasion" at Dodho Magazine