"I, Joining the Ranks of..." (2018)

"I, Joining the Ranks of..." (2018)
“I (Name, Surname), joining the ranks of...” — almost any Russian Federation inhabitant older than forty years can to continue this phrase. Solemn oath of the pioneer of Soviet Union was printed on the back side of half of school notebooks – willy-nilly will memorize. Have to.
Splinters of empire or flowers which grew up on the splinters? They survived collapse of the country which
huge part they were. They kept memory about their heroes through hard 1990th and rich 2000th. Several
generations of new pioneers transformed the text of their oath and now they don’t promise to live as bequeathed by the great Lenin and Communist Party teaches. But they had chosen themselves crystal sonorous obligation “to fight for justice, to create goodness, to bring happy to people”. And “to love the Motherland fervently” of course.